Discover the French Pepites in New York by Finance Innovation

Finance Innovation, the unique cluster for innovation in the French financial sector, will be showcasing the new French Fintech scene on the april 18th 2018, with a presentation of 4 pepites:


BuyCo – Shipping Made Easy

BuyCo is a SaaS solution to make container shipping easy for its end users (importers / exporters). The international maritime world features a large number of difficulties: highly volatile prices of invoicing apps, lack of visibility on shipping, complex rules and lots of manual procedures; this is partly due to the high number of organisations involved, and the lack of a common framework. In front of this, BuyCo has developed a collaborative digital platform on which importers / exporters, freight forwarders and maritime carriers (as well as banks in case of cargo financing) can work together on a single transport file.

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Ditto – The bank that travels with you

Ditto Bank is the first digital bank dedicated to currency management. Using the Ditto app, the customer can create multiple accounts in different currencies, all linked to a unique Mastercard Gold card, allowing them to make payments, withdrawals and transfers all over the world at no additional cost. Whether the client is an expatriate, a cross-border business traveller or simply a tourist, it is now very easy and transparent to manage currencies abroad. The €9.90 monthly subscription includes all the account management fees and the exchange margin will not exceed 1% of the transaction amount.




DreamQuark – Scale Up Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

DreamQuark develops Brain, a software platform that democratizes the use of artificial Intelligence. Based on an advanced proprietary Deep Learning Technology, Brain quickly delivers unmatched and interpretable results to bankers and insurers. Brain covers all their main activities with applications, such as fraud, risk, compliance or marketing. DreamQuark clients include major players of the bank and the insurance sectors BNP Paribas and AG2R la Mondiale.

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Sismo – Mastering Market Intelligence

Sismo is a visual analytics solution dedicated to financial data exploration for stock picking and factor investing. Sismo offers direct access to information with effective displays of comparative positions on multiple criteria, screening and parallel back-testing. Sismo is the ideal platform to convey machine learning signals and investment ideas.