To improve its customer knowledge and optimize its commercial development, Gan Prévoyance, a specialist in individual and collective protection, has selected DreamQuark to deploy an artificial intelligence solution based on Deep Learning.

DreamQuark, an Artificial Intelligence software vendor dedicated to financial services, recently awarded « Fintech of the Year », announces having signed a contract with Groupama Group subsidiary Gan Prévoyance to deploy a multi-product customer propensity solution based on Deep Learning.

Gan Prévoyance is a Groupama branch specialized in the field of personal insurance and which makes customer satisfaction its priority. The 600 Relationship Managers of Gan Prévoyance support their individual and professional clients throughout their lives by offering them personalized solutions in the areas of pensions, retirement, health, savings, and real state.

In 2016, GAN Prévoyance defined an innovation strategy to better understand the changing expectations of its customers. As a result, GAN Prévoyance’s Client Experience Committee has sought to strengthen customer targeting and management and has kicked off an initial segmentation work.

GAN Prévoyance has selected DreamQuark to build its multi-product customer propensity predictive application. DreamQuark offers algorithms recognized for their predictive power and efficient pattern detection, enabling finer segmentation than conventional solutions. With these Deep Learning based models, GAN Prévoyance can identify more precisely customer propensity for pensions, retirement or savings insurance products. Moreover, it can facilitate Relationship Managers’ internal procedures and optimize GAN’s campaigns. In addition to the model performance, GAN Prévoyance values highly the transparency and explicability offered by DreamQuark. The application explains rating criteria for every user, allowing client advisers to understand reason that led to each score.

« GAN Prévoyance aims to pioneer the insurance business digital transformation, through its UnisVers 2020 strategy. This involves the adoption of new technologies and the application of artificial intelligence to various business challenges. DreamQuark was selected as a partner thanks to the performance and transparency of its solutions » – says Benoit Douxami, Associate Vice President of GAN Prévoyance.

« DreamQuark is proud to support GAN Prévoyance’s modernization strategy. The accurate learning of our technology allows them to solve the key business challenge of the insurance business, which is a personalized relationship with its policyholders, » – adds Nicolas Méric, CEO and founder of DreamQuark.

About Gan Prévoyance

Gan Prévoyance: Groupama group subsidiary, it offers health and retirement insurance contracts adapted to individual, professional and business needs. Gan Prévoyance sells its offers through a network of more than 500 customers advisers distributed throughout the country serving more than 491,000 customers. Find out all news from Gan Prévoyance on its website